Jubilee Orpington Hatching Eggs Now Available to Order!

99 Oaks Farm is a 10 acre family farm in sunny Cocoa FL. We raise and sell heritage and rare breed chicks and hatching eggs including Ayam Cemani, Blue Ameraucana, Jubilee Orpington, Lavender Orpington, Silver Laced Orpington, Tolbunt Polish. NPIP / AI + PT Clean

We raise American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) registered Nigerian Dwarf goats for kids, fresh goat milk, cheese, goat milk soap, and other farm fresh goat milk products. We have kids for sale a few times per year.

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Your source for rare and heritage breed chickens. Day Old Chicks, Pullets, and Hatching Eggs Available.

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Our dairy products come from pasture-raised Nigerian Dwarf goats, filtered and chilled immediately for safety and to maintain flavor and freshness.

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