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Raw Goat MilkOur goat milk is raw (unpasturized) full fat goat’s milk from pasture-raised ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. We believe it’s important to know where your milk comes from and how it’s being handled. We milk our goats in a clean, low stress environment into enclosed seamless stainless steel milk pails.  Udders are washed and inspected prior to each milking session.  After milking, our goat milk is filtered and chilled immediately in glass containers to maintain quality and freshness. We clean and sanitize all milking equipment between every use.

Raw goat milk is available to purchase from 99 Oaks Farm for pet consumption only.  We are licensed as a Manufacturing and Distributing Pet Food Facility. This in no way diminishes the quality of our dairy products. We take pride in providing clean, nutritious raw goat milk to our customers for soap making, skin care, cosmetics, bath products and for pet consumption including livestock, bottle feeding baby goats, and even dogs and cats.

While it is legal to drink raw (unpasturized) milk in Florida, it is NOT LEGAL for farms to sell raw milk for humans to drink. Raw milk sales for human consumption are illegal.

We will not knowingly sell raw milk to any person who indicates to us that they are purchasing it for drinking. 

Raw goat milk is available to approved customers who have read and understand the rules regarding the purchase of raw milk products from our farm. Join our approved raw milk customer list using the form below.


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