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Heritage Chickens

Chicken Breed Focus: Silver Laced English Orpington
Silver Laced English Orpington chickens are a distinctive color variety of the English Orpington heritage breed, known for their exceptionally friendly and gentle nature, fluffy appearance, and beautiful feather pattern. With their striking silver and black laced...
About Our Chickens
We care deeply about the health and happiness of our chickens. We are not a large scale hatchery and we hatch chicks from our own breeding flocks.   All of our chickens are raised with full access to large outside runs with plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  We...
Why Choose Heritage Chicken Breeds?
Heritage chicken breeds represent a diverse range of genetic traits that have developed over centuries of selective breeding. These traits include disease resistance, foraging ability, and the ability to thrive in a range of environmental conditions. By conserving...


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