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Maintenance & Automation

About Our Chickens
We care deeply about the health and happiness of our chickens. We are not a large scale hatchery and we hatch chicks from our own breeding flocks.   All of our chickens are raised with full access to large outside runs with plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  We...
Automated Chicken Watering System
  Lugging buckets of drinking water into the chicken coops every day is NOT one of my favorite chicken keeping tasks.   We're always looking for simple ways to automate tasks, making things better for our livestock and easier for us to...
Shredded Cardboard Coop Bedding
We've tried quite a few different types of bedding material in our chicken coops and barn stalls.  We've tried the traditional pine shavings, both flake and fine; we've tried straw and even coarse sand.  Shredded Cardboard is by far our...


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