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Great Pyrenees are widely considered to be one of the best livestock guardian dog (LGD) breeds available. Livestock guardian dogs that have been raised and trained around your livestock is one of the best ways to protect them from predators.

They tirelessly patrol their area at night and bark (a LOT) to warn off predators or any perceived threat. They will work in pairs whenever possible, so ideally you’ll want at least two dogs working together to guard your livestock. They are large and fearless and will fight any predator until it leaves the area or is dispatched. I have known a Great Pyrenees to successfully fight off a whole pack of coyotes.


Adding a Livestock Guardian Dog to your Farm

Great Pyrenees LGD adults will patiently train young puppies to be great livestock guardian dogs. Puppies will try to “play” with the livestock until they are older or trained by their adult LGD mentor.  If you are fortunate enough to already have an adult Great Pyrenees trained to protect your own livestock, the best way to add another livestock guardian dog is to introduce a young puppy that can be trained by your own adult LGD.


If you don’t already have an LGD, a good option is to purchase two LDG puppies that can be raised and trained with your livestock. When purchasing LGD puppies, try to find a reputable breeder who is raising the puppies with livestock.  While training your puppy, you’ll need to play the role of adult LGD, spending a lot of time training the puppies not to “play” with the livestock. Start by introducing your new puppies to livestock that won’t run from them – older bossy goats for example.

While Great Pyrenees have the instinct to protect livestock, if they haven’t been raised and trained around livestock from a young age, don’t expect them to automatically be a good LGD.  Use caution in introducing Great Pyrenees that have not been raised around livestock to your farm! I’ve heard many heartbreaking stories about people who put an untrained rescue LGD with their goat herd and sadly, it did not turn out well.


Great Pyrenees Temperament

Besides being incredibly good livestock guardians, Great Pyrenees are loyal, gentle, and good tempered. Our two beloved Great Pyrenees are big fluffy, loveable goofballs that we love to spend time with – and they’re amazing at their job!


Livestock Guardian Puppies

Here are some of the puppies we have raised here on our farm.    
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Great Pyrenees Puppies