Jubilee Orpington Hatching Eggs Now Available to Order!

Jubilee Orpington

Jubilee Orpington Chickens for Sale – Day old chicks, pullets, hatching eggs. Shipping Available for day old chicks and hatching eggs.

Jubilee is a rare color of the friendly Orpington breed. They have a spectacular mahogany feather coloring sprinkled with speckles of black and white, with a bright crimson and emerald sheen. The Jubilee pattern is similar to the Speckled Sussex, but with the Orpington fluffy feathering and round body shape. They are great egg layers of cream to brown colored eggs. Orpingtons are adored for their good nature and willingness to be handled. They are super sweet and great with children, making them one of the best choices for your family’s backyard flock.

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