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Jubilee Orpington Roosters


Jubilee Orpington Roosters for Sale.

The Jubilee is a rare color of the graceful dual purpose Orpington chicken breed. Jubilee Orpingtons have a spectacular mahogany feather coloring sprinkled with speckles of black and white, with a bright crimson and emerald sheen. The Jubilee pattern is similar to the Speckled Sussex, but with the Orpington fluffy feathering and round body shape. They are great egg layers of cream to brown colored eggs. Orpingtons are adored for their good nature and willingness to be handled. They are super sweet and great with children, making them one of the best choices for your family’s backyard flock.

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Jubilee Orpington Quick Facts

Primary Use: Dual Purpose, Eggs/Meat
Egg Production: Good, 175-200 eggs per year
Egg Size: Large
Egg Shell Color: Light Brown to Cream or Pink Tinted
Bird Size: Male 10 lbs. / Female 8 lbs.
Color: Mahogany sprinkled with speckles of black and white, with a bright crimson and emerald sheen.
Temperament: Calm and Sociable
Broody: Yes
Heritage Breed: Orpingtons are a heritage breed, although the Jubilee color is not yet recognized by the APA


Are Jubilee Orpington Chickens Friendly?

Orpingtons are known for their exceptionally friendly and gentle nature, fluffy appearance, and beautiful feather patterns. Orpingtons are basically the chicken version of your favorite snuggly teddy bear. These cuddly giants are content to snuggle up with their people any time of the day and will happily sit on your lap or shoulder while you spend time with them. They are known for being incredibly sociable chickens and will readily interact with humans and other animals, making them a great addition to a family setting or a mixed poultry flock.


What color eggs do Jubilee Orpington hens lay?

Jubilee Orpingtons can lay about 180-200 Light Brown, Cream or Pink Tinted eggs per year.


How rare are Jubilee Orpington chickens?

Jubilee Orpingtons are still relatively rare in the US, however due to their popularity they are becoming easier to find.


What is the difference between a Speckled Sussex and a Jubilee Orpington?

The Jubilee color and pattern is very similar to the Speckled Sussex, but the characteristics are different .  The Orpington body shape and overall fluffy nature of the Orpington breed makes the Jubilee Orpington’s pattern much more showy.