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Farm Fresh Eggs – Dozen

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Farm Fresh Eggs are unwashed and unrefrigerated to maintain the best flavor and freshness. We don’t recommend washing farm fresh eggs until you’re ready to use them, however if you prefer your eggs to be washed and refrigerated, please let us know in the notes on your order.

Our eggs are hand gathered twice daily from a variety of chicken breeds; eggs in each carton will vary in color and size depending on the breeds of chicken producing eggs that day.

Local Farm Pickup Only

Farm fresh eggs are not labeled for human consumption.

Our farm fresh eggs are labeled for pet consumption only per Florida regulations. Eggs are ungraded and unwashed and not inspected by the USDA.


There is a high demand for farm fresh eggs and we have a limited quantity available.  Please text (321) 334-3276 or email us to ask about availability.

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Order Pickup Info

Pickup for farm fresh eggs and goat milk is by appointment at our farm in Cocoa FL.   If you have a preferred pickup day and time, please make sure to include this in the notes on your order.   We will contact you to arrange a pickup day and time – or you can Contact Us anytime about your order.

Farm Fresh Egg Care

For the longest lasting farm fresh eggs, we recommend that you do not wash your eggs until ready to use.   When ready to use, wash eggs gently with warm water (no soap).

UNWASHED eggs will stay fresh for 2 weeks on the counter or 3 months in the refrigerator.
WASHED eggs will stay fresh for 2 months in the refrigerator.  Always refrigerate washed eggs immediately.

2 reviews for Farm Fresh Eggs - Dozen

  1. Chris

    Love these farm fresh eggs!

  2. Sarah

    Friendly Service. Eggs were very fresh with nice dark yolks!

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