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Tolbunt Polish

Tolbunt Polish

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Meet your new dream chicken – the stunning Tolbunt Polish chicken! With their eye-catching mahogany, black, and white mottled feathers plus those fabulous, showy crests, these birds are the true divas of the coop. And guess what? We’ve got both smooth and frizzle varieties ready to strut into your life!

Why You’ll Love Them:

  • Not just a pretty face!  These chickens also lay 3 to 4 medium-sized white eggs per week.
  • Known for their calm and friendly personalities, Tolbunt Polish chickens are the dream chickens you’ve been waiting for.
  • Our straight run (unsexed) Tolbunt Polish chicks include a surprise mix of smooth and frizzled varieties.
  • And let’s not forget – they’re absolutely gorgeous! Their unique patterns and crests make them the showstoppers of any flock.

The Fun Surprise: 

Our flock is a blend of smooth and frizzle Tolbunt Polish hens and two smooth roosters, giving you about a 25% chance of snagging a frizzle chick. But remember, no guarantees on day-old chicks!

It's like a feathered lottery – you won't know if you've got a frizzle until they start to show their fabulous feathers. Looking for something specific? Feel free to Contact Us to see if we have any older, feathered-out chicks ready to mingle.

Bring some flair to your flock with the unique beauty and charm of Tolbunt Polish chickens today!

Breed Details

Primary Use: Ornamental, Egg Production
Egg Production: Good, 150 – 200 eggs per year
Egg Size: Medium
Egg Shell Color: White
Bird Size: Male 6 lbs. / Female 4.5 lbs.
Color: Brown, Black, White (Tolbunt pattern)
Temperament: Calm
Heritage Breed: The Livestock Conservatory(TLC) Heritage Chicken Breed; Watch Status

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