Jubilee Orpington Hatching Eggs Now Available to Order!

What's Hatching?

Here’s what we’re hatching in the upcoming weeks.


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Hatching Schedule

Spring hatching season is here!  We’re busy collecting hatching eggs and getting the incubators warmed up.   It’s always an exciting time on the farm when we’re anticipating how the new season hatches are turning out.

Tolbunt Polish

Tolbunt Polish chicks and hatching eggs are now available to order!  Tolbunt Polish chicks and hatching eggs may include both smooth and frizzled varieties. Our flock is a mix of both smooth and frizzle Tolbunt Polish hens and 2 smooth roosters. The chance of receiving frizzle chicks is generally 25%, however we can’t guarantee frizzles on day old chicks.

Upcoming Hatch Dates:  3/11/24 (this is very limited hatch of 3 or 4 chicks)

Lavender Orpington

Lavender Orpington chicks and hatching eggs are available to order!   The Lavender or “self blue” color is a rare color of the Orpington breed.

Upcoming Hatch Dates:  3/11/24

Contact Us if you have questions about specific breed availability or upcoming hatching schedules.

Please note the hatching schedule is always subject to change based on our hens’ moods 🙂